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The fastest way to get a FREE ESTIMATE is to fill out our QUESTIONNAIRE and send to and we will reply within 1-2 business days. Most estimates received same day. You can copy and paste the text into the body of your email or simply request us to send you one through email.

If you do not wish to fill this out, don't worry! We can schedule a consultation for a small fee and do an onsite estimate for your cleaning.



There are many factors to consider when giving an estimate to a full pond cleaning. Answering these questions as precisely and detailed as possible will allow us to give you the most accurate estimate. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS AN ESTIMATE. IF WE ARRIVE ONSITE AND THERE IS NEW INFORMATION, THAT PRICE CAN AND LIKELY WILL CHANGE.


1. SIZE How big is your pond?  (Average Length x Width x Depth?) or if you know, how many gallons?


2. HISTORY How old is your pond and how long since it’s been FULLY cleaned?


3. ROCK Is there rock or gravel covering the majority of the pond bottom? Are your walls stacked with rock from bottom to top? OR is it only liner or concrete?


4. LAYOUT List any waterfalls, tiered set-ups or streams. Do you have a Bog or Veggie filter?


5. FISH Do you have any fish? What kind? How many? How big?


6. PLANTS Do you have any plants? Do any need to be re-potted or replaced?


7. TREES Do you have any trees directly over or surrounding the pond?


8. LOCATION Where are you located? Address?


9. REQUESTS Any other special requests?


10. PHOTOS PICTURES HELP US THE MOST. For the most accurate estimate we suggest to capture the full scope of the pond in one photo as well as detailed or close up photos of any waterfalls and spillways, the bottom of the pond if possible, the sides of the pond, rock edges, etc.

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