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What do you get with a pond clean?



A pond cleaning can include, but is not limited to, the following;


  • Drain 100% of dirty water.

  • Safely house all fish in an aerated, covered, holding tank for duration of clean, which includes basic health assessment of fish and other pond life.

  • Thorough top to bottom rinsing of rock-work and pond liner, all cracks and crevasses and places unseen to remove any loose dirt and debris.

  • Thorough cleaning and maintenance of bog or marginal planted areas, if equipped. (Usually requires removal and replacement of gravel.)

  • Thorough cleaning of stream(s) including gravel, if equipped.

  • Full cleaning and maintenance for all skimmers, pre-filters, pumps,UV filters and all other functional pond equipment.

  • breakdown and rinsing open media bio-filters with pond water so as to not destroy all beneficial bacteria.

  • Thorough scrubbing of waterfall area(s) with nylon bristle brush.

  • Full back-washing of pressurized filters. ,   

  • Removal of and/or fertilizing of pond plants as necessary. Trim pond plants, remove dead leaves, stems and buds.

  • Thorough cleaning with pond vacuum to remove sediment and dirt from pond bottom.

  • Re-fill pond with clean water, remove chlorine, and condition water as necessary.


A cleaning can involve a deeper process depending on your pond. Sometimes it is necessary for gravel removal, liner repair, pump replacement, fish treatment, plumbing work, additional feature installation, UV filter installation, bulb replacement, or more. We will always address the individual details of your pond and discuss an individualized plan as needed.


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